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From Joanne Kirby (On behalf of Christopher Barvetti)


My grandson Christopher is severely physically handicapped in a special wheelchair. He can utter certain words, and can answer yes and no to any question. I am composing this testimonial about Dr. Jarroush with Christopher’s total approval and appreciation.

Three days after Christopher’s birth, and due to a medical mistake of insufficient oxygen to his body, he was totally physically handicapped but not mentally or emotionally. Christopher is now 19 years old. He has gone through many corrective surgeries which left him traumatized in total fear of operations, but always in high spirits.

A year and a half ago, before Chris’s last corrective surgery to bring his arms forward and in front of his body, we brought him in to see Dr. Jarroush, which we heard has helped many patients with their fears and anxieties by the power of Reiki and hypnosis. Chris felt the great energy of Reiki that Dr. Jarroush sent through him, and allowed himself to go under hypnosis to eliminate his fears of the upcoming operation. Dr. Jarroush also taught Chris a deep breathing technique, and prepared a special hypnosis CD which Chris listened to all the time before his corrective surgery.

If Christopher can talk now, he will verbally send his utmost gratitude to Dr. Jarroush for his help in making Chris go through hours of surgery with ease, and without fear and anxiety. But most of all, Chris’s recovery from surgery was amazingly fast without any complications, which Chris used to suffer from, in previous surgeries.

Now Chris feels much better thanks to Dr. Jarroush. Chris is now calm, collective and can breathe much better. He has learned Reiki himself and is able to give others Reiki through the power of his mind. But, whenever he feels a bit down, Chris hears Dr. Jarroush’s voice in his head, he does self Reiki and performs the breathing technique and he goes back to his tranquil state of being.

Thank you Dr. Jarroush, Chris loves you a lot.

-Joanne Kirby


To Suhail, Suzanne, and everyone affiliated with Aquarian Sun,

I would like to express my appreciation and gratitude for all the help and support you've given me.  While going through chemotherapy I had lost a lot of energy and strength, both physically and emotionally.  I didn't know how I was going to get through seven months of it, especially with an 18 month old to chase around and be a good role model for.  Even though I was skeptical, I took a chance on you, and thank God I did!  You really brought back my strength - physically and mentally, and I was able to endure and pull through!  You boosted my energy level and attitude, not to mention my platelets!  You taught me the skills I need to help myself as well, and I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you've done for me!

-Kelly S.


“Sometimes you don’t see the benefits of life’s experiences until you pass them by and look back, unfortunately you have missed the most important part…. the joy of the journey.”

I first met Dr. Jarroush about six or seven years ago. I was suffering from the side effects of the drug Interferon as the result of treatments I was being given at Hackensack Hospital for the treatment of Hepatitis C. This was my second time with the treatment, the first failing to get positive results. I was suffering physically and was slowly being destroyed mentally. I was searching for the means to put my feet on some solid ground and begin some form of recovery, it was then that I was gifted in finding the healing ways of Reiki as taught by Dr. Jarroush. I didn’t understand how this was to work for me but I know I was tired of feeling sick, living in a world of isolation and thoughts of my demise. I started to feel a little better, just slightly noticeable, which lead me to become aware that this complementary treatment might just lead me to become healthier. My total awareness came when the doctors told me that the blood tests showed no signs of the hepatitis virus. This was beginning of a beautiful journey of perceiving life in more of a positive manner. 

I became a student of Dr. Jarroush, becoming a Reiki master and a Seichim practitioner. I began to look at life at different perspective. I had to be taught and I learned that walking the positive path of life would save you from unnecessary hardships and stress if I choose that path. I didn’t know that life was about to test me again…this time I had many weapons to do battle.

In 2006 I noticed a small lump on my neck that didn’t hurt but became a problem when shaving. I went through the normal route with my primary doctor and ended with a throat specialist. Yes, I had cancer…great, another health issue! I remember asking the doctor if I was going to die and he said he didn’t know lets see how the treatment goes. I turned to my safe harbors, Dr. Jarroush and Hackensack hospital to see if I could ride this storm out. I found out that I had stage three-throat cancer with a spot on my lung and kidney and a grape size tumor in the lymph node in my neck. I now needed every tool that was given/ taught to me to overcome this problem. With what I learned, I practice relaxation techniques before treatments and surgeries. I did daily Reiki self healing and ask my friends to grant me the gift of their healing energy’s. I did wonderfully until I was admitted to the chemo ward for an intense five-day treatment with three different types of chemo. I didn’t know that a person could get this sick from medicines and I was ready to give up. At my lowest mental point I listened to Dr. Jarroush’s (Coping with Chemotherapy) hypnosis CD, and an angel of a nurse told me that only people with positive attitudes toward their treatment survive. I knew this…I was taught this by Dr. Jarroush; I was back on the path with opportunity to learn the joys of one of life’s journeys. It has been hard; the treatment left me with damaged taste buds, lack of saliva, a speech and swallowing problem. I lost all my teeth on one side from the radiation and some neuropathy in my feet from the chemo. This is all not a problem, with the teachings of Dr Jarroush, I enjoy the journey that life has given me and I choose not to perceive my problems in a negative way…. life is good and I really mean it with all my heart!

-Gary McNabb, November  2009


At 61 I'm still very active, playing almost 100 softball games in various competitive softball leagues. A while back I was devastated to learn that I had a slight tear in my Achilles tendon that would require surgery then eight weeks in a hard cast followed by at least six months of intense physical therapy before I could even think about resuming my playing career.

The doctor also gave no guarantee that the new tendon would even "take" to the muscles with the possibility that I would be in worse shape then before.

Instead I opted for physical therapy with Dr. Jarroush at Aquarian Sun. Dr. Jarroush used muscle stretching techniques to strengthen the muscles surrounding the tendon taking the pressure off of the tendon and allowing it to heal naturally.  The treatments worked so well that I have been able to continue my softball career this summer.

_Al C.


Upon starting my hypnosis therapy at Aquarian Sun with DR. Suhail Jarroush (Dr. J) I was a different person all together. Since seeing him and his treatment methods, I developed into a more relaxed person and more aware of my eating habits. His behavioral CD program and weakly Hypnosis utilizes the power of the mind to think more clearly and become aware of the bad habits and reward yourself with the good.

Since starting in the first week of March, I lost 20Lbs overall and lowered my blood pressure to obtain my objective goal. This program should be simple for anyone through Dr. J's encouragement and guidance no matter how much weight a person needs to loose without any special diets.

I wish to thank him for all he has done for me not only with the weight loss but my overall self being and relaxation methods that I use regularly and the Self-Hypnosis practices.

My wife and I were on a weekend vacation in Florida and at the beach relaxing and she noted that I was calm and really relaxed as she told me latter and I remarked that it was the Self-Hypnosis that accounted for that!

-Dominick B.


I learned so much from Suhail and my Reiki class at Aquarian Sun.  He is a wonderful teacher and the experience of learning from him helped me tremendously. I now know how to calm myself and keep myself focused.  I no longer let my thoughts repeat endlessly in my head and learn to let things go easier.  This was always hard for me to do! Suhail is a great instructor and makes him self available to all of your needs.  It had a wonderful impact on my life.    

-Amanda L.


My experience from Dr. Jarroush's Reiki Mastery class was invaluable.  It has not only helped me personally but I have been able to apply the knowledge and techniques daily so that my patients may also benefit and receive a higher level of care.

-Dr. Bill D.


The smell of roses permeated the room as I entered Aquarian Sun for the first time. I felt an unknown positive energy. It was something of a pleasant surprise to my system. Suhail walked up to me with a grand smile and introduced himself. The source of the energy was emanating from his person. Suhail's theories are enlightening to say the least if you’re into expanding your mind. To sum up my experience in one word I would have to say: surreal.

-Greg S.


I took the self awareness class back in February. It came at the right time for me being I am trying to make all sorts of changes in my life. I am single again after six years and making a major career change.  This class has helped me greatly in how to take control of these choices I've made.  In the past I would have been second guessing all my decisions and letting the situations control me as where now I know it's up to me!  I've learned how to deal with disappointments where in the past I would have dwelled on them and said why me?  This experience has opened new doors for me and I have met wonderful people that have come into my life when I needed them.  I look forward to future classes and discovering more in the world of the mind.

-Jen B.


I can’t even explain how the Self-Awareness class made me feel.  Not that it was easy by any means.  It is never easy admitting things to yourself that you try to push deep inside.  But it turned out to be a very freeing experience.  I learned that I no longer had to be paralyzed by fears, and nothing was left to chance.   It opened my eyes and heart to things that were occurring in my life that I was trying to ignore.  I began taking better care of myself, and noticed how life seemed to just fall into place.  I could let go of my anger with ease, and was able to let go of the clatter in my head, and the things that were eating me up inside. 

It is impossible to put into words how many ways my life has shifted since I have taken the opportunities presented to me.  I have been more open to and accepting of the experiences that come my way, and find that each of these experiences are truly invaluable.  I have come to realize that I have much more to offer to those around me than to be a listener in the background.  And most importantly, I have learned that there is nothing to fear. 

-Jessica B.


My name is Kathy P. and I am 55 years old. My journey in life brought me to Aquarian Sun approximately 4 months ago. I did not know what to expect when I walked through the door.  I also was not aware of how much I needed to be there. 

I had been suffering with severe panic & anxiety.  After taking medication for years, I figured out that the medication was only a band aid.  I no longer wanted to medicate myself. I just wanted to get rid of these feelings that were so debilitating.

When I walked in the door, I immediately felt comfortable and welcome. I sat and spoke with Suhail , and in a very short time I understood what I needed to do. I needed to take care of me, and in order to do that I needed to find out who I am.

So, I registered for the spiritual Awareness class. It was so much more than I expected.  My life and the world I live in have been forever changed.  I no longer need to medicate myself and the panic and anxieties are gone. I am in control of my life.  My life is not in control of me.

Thank you Suhail and Suzanne for this experience I have shared with you. My journey with you has only just begun.

Aquarian Sun is truly a healing place for the body, mind and soul.

-Kathy P.


A few years ago I took a class at Aquarian sun which I was told was a spiritual self-awareness work shop.  It turned out to be a great class and much more.

The few months I spent learning about energy and love in its pure sense with Suhail and the lovely ladies in my class, changed my life forever. I look now at life in a more loving and forgiving way.

A particular situation in my life left me bitter and judgmental against someone near and dear to me.  I couldn't seem to let up on these feelings even after this lovely person had died.  One night Suhail spoke about letting go of judgment and resentment.  It was such a freeing up of my soul and I was truly able to look at the situation differently and really forgive him.  Today I only love and feel such peace toward this special person.

Getting to know Suzanne was a soul connection for me.  When we were in our aura gazing class I saw Suzanne’s aura as a lovely golden color.  As I write this testimony I still get goose pumps seeing the peace and love surrounding her.  She is a very special person and knowing her has brought a peace and joy to me.

Being Aware of myself and doing Reiki makes me feel spiritually attuned to my source, and I will forever be grateful for that experience and all those lovely people I shared it with. God bless you Suhail for the kindness and love you share will all your students.  We all love you!  

Peace and love  

-Nancy L. 


My testimonial is short and sweet. My life has not been the same since I took the Self-Awareness Class with Suhail last year. I realized I had a lot of fears which I hope to have overcome and to look at life differently. I am challenged daily but with the principals learned in this class, I can put my situations into perspective and try to go with the flow instead of fighting to come to a conclusion. I have learned to lead with my heart and to appreciate my self and where I am in my life now. I try to live in the now instead of dreaming in the future or reliving the past. I have learned that I alone have choices and where I am is a choice that I decide daily. Through unconditional love I am able to be a better mother and wife and coworker. I am blessed to have been given the opportunity to be a part of this group and to share my story with others. My life is not wonderful all the time; however I have learned to cope differently with these situations. My journey is my journey and I am free to travel it as I wish. Many thanks to Suhail for helping me to open my heart.

-Pat I.


My experiences at Aquarian Sun changed my life for the better.

First and foremost was the Self-Awareness training I received and how I use it in my life as a daily practice. I honestly can’t remember my life with out the support the elf-Awareness training has given me.  Or maybe I don’t want too. I am so much better now then when I first came to Suhail.  I am eternally grateful to him and Suzanne for their friendship, caring natures, and profound knowledge. I know they are all there for me whenever I need them.  I love them dearly.

On the physical plane I needed Suhail with his training in muscle release when my left leg locked.  I couldn’t walk or sit without great pain.  In just a few sessions he made the pain go away and straightened out my shoulders for the first time in my life preventing a recurrence. I was amazed and so grateful. Again, when I need him I know where to find him.  He will be a support in my life for as long as we live and that gives me great comfort. 

The life changes I made last year brought me new friends that wanted to meet me at that time so I couldn’t get there very often. I know I will do so at some future time. As I have said my life was profoundly changed by all my experiences at Aquarian Sun.  I come and go there as I please because I know I am always a part of something good, ongoing, and wonderful.  They reach out to me and welcome me whenever I can get to them but they are always in my heart.

With all my love, these are my true feelings.

Susan L.

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